Songwriting and Music Production

I run a home project studio for writing, recording and music production. My own songs and co-writes are listed below and also on my main website Some of these productions are also on the virtual iPod on the right of the page which should be playing now.

In March 2012, I recently completed Production of the debut album for Edinburgh singer songwriter Callum Beattie. The album 'This Time This Place' includes 11 songs, three of them co-written by me, and is available to download on iTunes now. Check out some of the other acts I've worked with here

My studio, and time as engineer/producer is always available to songwriters or singers who want to record material or make demo's for live work. I also write jingles for commercial showreels and marketing companies.

Here With Me Al James © 2009
For A Little While More Al James © 2009
If You'd Walk My Way (Vocal by Gina Michaells) Al James / Gavin Beckwith © 2003
On Our Way Home Al James © 2009
Reach You Al James © 2009
Schoolboy Fascination Al James / Marc Mowbray© 2009
Still Got Hearts To Break Al James / Chris Breen© 2005
Fools Walk Away Al James / Tim Hegarty © 2005
That's What Lovin's For Al James / Tim Hegarty © 2005
Angel Al James © 2004
All Down To You Al James / Simon Michaels © 2003
How Can Lovin' You Be Wrong Al James / Simon Michaels © 2004
Every Time We Breathe Al James / Tim Hegarty © 2005
Falling For Another Girl Al James © 2004
If You've Got Love Share It Al James © 2004
Don't Walk Away Al James © 2004
Heaven In You (Vocal by S. Michaels) Al James / Simon Michaels © 2001
Northern Lights Al James © 1994
Colour Of Your Heart Al James © 2001
One More Chance Al James © 1994
Better Love Al James © 2002
Lonely Serenade Al James © 1994
Open Your Eyes Al James © 1996
I Will Be There (Vocal by S. Michaels) Al James / Simon Michaels © 2002
Come With Me Al James © 1994
Summer Of Love Al James / Donna Crosbie © 2003
Your Smiling Face Al James © 2009
Living Without You Al James / Simon Michaels © 2009
How We Used To Be Al James © 2000
Never Love Again Al James © 1997

I want to credit some really talented musicians who have played on a few of the tracks above. Huge thanks to Mike McKenzie, John Hides, Chris Durkin, Simon Michaels, Karen Palmer, Katie Quinton and Tim Hegarty.


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