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Wedding Champagne Drinks Reception - Piano and Singing Entertainment

A wedding champagne reception is the perfect time to relax your guests and get them in the mood for the wedding breakfast and evening party to follow.

For up to two hours without a break, I will deliver piano and vocal renditions of classic hits from the last seven decades. Everything from Ratpack standards like 'That's Amore', 'Fly Me To The Moon', 'New York New York' to classic pop from artists like Elton John, Billy Joel and Robbie Williams (easy ladies!).

I always enjoy the fresh challenge of reading a new audience and deciding which songs to play to create the right mood on the moment. Always sensitive to the needs of your guests, this can be quite unobtrusive or it can be more 'audience participation' and 'sing-a-long' if your guests are so inclined!'d be amazed what a couple of glasses of champagne does for the inhibitions! Forget having piped in CD music, spontaneity like this can only ever be provided by a live entertainer.


I have played at hundreds of drinks receptions and am well aware that it's not about me, my ultimate goal being to ensure everyone has a great and memorable time. Knowing that some guests have not seen each other for years, or are a little older, I appreciate the need for them to be able to catch up on old times, mingle and chat without being drowned out. With this in mind, the volume is always kept at the right level and I'm rarely, if ever, told to turn down the volume as, from guaging peoples reactions, I am always one step ahead.

Completely self-contained, should the venue not have a grand piano, I will set up my portable electric piano (which sounds identical, in some cases, better than the real thing) and quality Bose L1 PA system in just 15 minutes. Whilst setting up my gear there is no disruption to proceedings and it's always done with consideration to the venue and in plenty of time to spare allowing for the unexpected - I do not believe a Bride and Groom should have to worry about anything on their wedding day.

Some of the venues I have recently played at drinks receptions recently include;


Edinburgh Castle (website) [link]

Gleneagles (website)

Hopetoun House (website)i

Lennoxlove House (website)i

Dundas Castle (website)

Stirling Castle (website)ii

Balbirnie House Hotel (website)i

St Andrews Golf Resort & Spa (website)



This service I provide is one of the best ways to give your guests a rare and special treat on your big day, and one that they will talk about and remember for a long time.


Wedding Breakfast - Piano and Singing Entertainment

Very similar to the champagne reception music where I will again play and sing for the duration of the meal without a break,  usually not more than two hours.

The type of music I will play will again be a mixture of the popular tunes but probably with more ballads thrown in. Due to the fact that guests are eating and chatting, it will likely be a bit more 'background piano and singing'. However, my experience is that towards the end of the meal, guests start singing along anyway, which I'll do my best to make that happen with songs like 'New York New York' and 'Wild Rover'. This undoubtedly helps ease any nerves of the top table speechmakers as, by the time they speak, their audience are much more ready and vocal!...and whether or not they care to admit it, all speechmakers love a heckler or two!

It's almost a given that a grand piano will not be in the same room that you are dining therefore, I will be using my electric piano set up again (which does actually help to control volumes too) which can be setup in the smallest of spaces. This service creates a superb atmosphere whilst you are eating and chatting, again, rather than very dull 'piped in' CD music or worse, no music at all!   Live entertainment is always better - are you getting the drift?




Evening Party Entertainment

I also provide main evening function entertainment. This is ideal for smaller numbers or where there is not enough room for a full band but when live entertainment is preferred to a disco.

By using a combination of drum machine and self compiled backing tracks to accompany my piano and singing, I will replicate the full band sound, e.g. Drums, Bass, Guitars, etc. Always working with my audience to ensure the dance floor is never empty, I will perform all the pop standards, e.g. upbeat, mid-tempo, slows, and also some traditional music such as the 'Gay Gordons' and 'Dashing White Sergeant'.

There will be a noticable build up towards the end of the evening party which will usually end with 'Auld Lang Syne' - everyone surrounding the bridal party in the middle - it works every single time.

If your criteria for evening party fits the above, then I can provide the perfect entertainment to have your guests dancing all night.


Corporate Services


Champagne Drinks Reception - as described above

Meal Music - as described above

Office Parties / Function Music / Background Music - as described above

Pianobar Theme Nights - where I will organise the hire of a grand piano into the venue to recreate the 'pianobar' theme. Your clients will love this entertainment where they can all sit around the piano, drinking and singing along to all the popular songs from my repertoire, including many Rat Pack numbers which always go down well. This is another one of the services I enjoy most where I can engage and respond to my audience at close range, and it's always easier on the voice when they do most of the singing! This is an extremely fun night.


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